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2014-09-14 JNC Series NTC Thermistors

BREA ---  An NTC thermistor is basically a resistor that changes resistance depending on the temperature. The resistance of an NTC thermistor (as opposed to PTC thermistors)decreases in a nonlinear fashion as temperature increases. This characteristic makes it ideal for the NTC thermistor to be used for a wide variety of applications, such as thermal measurements, instrumentation, thermal controls/compensation, electrical surge suppression, and various safety applications.
JNC Series
Our JNC series have a zero-power resistance range from 3 Ohms to 47000 Ohms, having a thermal dissipation constant from 8 mW to 10 mW per deg C, and a thermal time constraint from 14 to 28 seconds. The Beta (B)-constant values are from 2200 to 3800. The maximum permissible current can go as high as 770 mA to as low as 55 mA. For more product details and ordering information regarding this series, please refer to the JNC series page.

Either flow over reflow soldering methods can be employed. Sample and production quantity are now available. Please contact your nearest Trigon location for details.

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